Friday, April 21, 2006

God is not in the box

I've been constantly hit by a series of thoughts lately, about what I am going to study to what I am going to do etc...but never really wonder what am I made to do.

Last week,I was cornered my own paralysis of analysis...this time I was defeated more than my own thoughts by the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Without realising I had put God in the box of my own limitations and lack of faith, when I asked those questions before.

He challenged me to look beyond my own abilities and strength to pursue His Heart first and foremost, "seek thy first the Kingdom of God..." I repented of my own myopia and asked for forgiveness. I realised His Will of my life is even beyond my studies plans and now I have fully surrendered that to Him. I have not given up Hope in my studies but the matter of fact, I have a larger Hope that He will help me carve something beautiful through my willed spirit.

I am not longer bothered by when, where and what to study. I know He is in control and will release me as His time matures. What I gained most now is Joy and Peace that I know the enemy is surely not pleased but I know God is faithful, even to the end. Indeed He is not in the box.

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