Sunday, June 11, 2006

the 30's club

If you are in your 30's, welcome me. I just made it to one the most exciting times in my life.

I didn't had any big bang type of celebration, not even a slice of cake. But I kind of feel it may be one of the best birthday I had and I am looking forward to an array of happenings to come. It was a quiet, dreamy, drizzy day that I didn't do much but had some time with John. Jodee, my sis and parents. But the most awesome thing is I know God was there when I made this cross over. He made all the difference, not the party or even presents.

Then, I made a prayer that may seem too ambitious but I thought what is there to lose. Afterall, if I don't live for now, I will never will. These are the kind of thing I know I don't ask god anyhow because I am asking GOD. Well, I did it the dee style...

Say if I am given another 30 years to live, let me live it well and meaningful, let it be a Christ driven life and me on behind. So welcome me to the club as this is going to be so exciting and it just began.

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