Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Creative Parenting

The last 2 months had been a good trial run for me to gauged my ability to stay home and be a full-time housewife so to speak. I do enjoy many interesting moments with lil Jodee, sometimes she cracks me up with her lil surprising moves and actions otherwise, she can make me real upset with her lil idiosyncrasies that are totally genetically in line with mama & papa.

For someone like me who hardly had much experience in Housekeeping, I find it trying in the beginning, yet as time flows things get more systematic and easier except for days I get fatigue or got up at the wrong side of the bed. As I always relate to my peers, I really honour full-time mothers now that I am one myself. The intensity at home can be greater than any other regular job out there, it's a ministry for those who has lotsa Passion.

I count myself still learning to be more discipline each day, more organised than the day before, achieve more 'DONE' items and waste less time. At times when I am feeling burn out, I thank God I have my mom to hand Jodee to. That's been great venue to let out some steam, but ultimately I am learn to trust God to show me to demonstrate more grace and love for the things that are at hand.

Parenting to me denotes a full body workout. Imagine you are trying very hard to lose some weight and you need to exercise every part of your body in order to return to a lean and trim body. No short cuts! Like wise to Parenting; It requires every single effort and time from both mama & papa to achieve that objective. It requires time, attention, love, care, environment and even discipline to achieve the right state of the child's well being. Like wise, No short cuts! Yet, it's a journey that will take a whole lifetime to achieve, from strength to strength, glory to glory. We also need to include the supreme leadership of the Lord to help in this area of Parenting, as no other parenting books and magazines can ever give you the best advises like the Lord does. I have learn to sit under the feet of Christ to learn of His heartbeat for my child's life as well as for my own. I have learn it's ME that God is parenting while He parents our child.Therefore, go to the Word and prayer for the best parenting tips if you are looking. Creative Parenting starts from looking at Christ.

Well, I am learning not just to be a better Mother now, I am learning to be a better Wife, Better Daughter, Better Worker, Better Servant and Better Person and someone after the heart of the Almighty, looking forward each day to seek Him, Love him and therefore fulfilling the destiny He has set apart for me.

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