Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Broken Social Scene

I have been listening closely to the lyrics of broken social scene today. Out of curiousity, I took some time to ransack their webby and realised another band 'stars' which I like very much is also under the same label.Without much time, I just stop my search.

But what I realised the music trend these days are highly individualised.highly complex. It has a distinctly identity that you sometimes can't missed unless you are an copycat. I have one at home.

Like music, people these days works the same way I guessed. They think complex even when they are not, they try very hard to be an individual when they see people around are more or less the same. They are trying too hard to be a different kind. Sometimes, I don't even understand why is it so, when these people are so talented yet they don't see themselves as so. I hope they can be kinder to themselves and not drive themselves so hard all the time.

There is a time for everything,time to laught, time to cry, time to love and time to die. Imagine I am living my last now, I guess I will head to give my loved ones a huge and tell them how much I love them and I do.

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