Wednesday, March 17, 2004


john and me exchanged sms this afternoon abt 6ish, it's abt 4ish in the morning on his side:

johnC:Got your mail. I heard that you went to church looking 80's. Enjoying yourself huh?

dee:wow!when did u get paparazzi? Ya lor! i must maintain my funky mummy attitude ma! God is good, life is good. I am filled with joy indeed!

johnC:You made it sound like you are happier without me around

dee:Definately not! I am fine on my own but having you completes everything! I love you therefore i release you to do wat God has install for you! I support you!

johnC:I was just teasing you. I love you too. That's why I cant sleep. Just missing you...

dee: **cant tell you guys wat i told him...**( but had persuaded him to go to bed...)

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