Monday, March 15, 2004

9 weeks

yes, i am an official preggy. 9 weeks to be exact.
almost 3/4 to the end of my first trimester.

feeling excited but tired and forgetful at many times, suddenly what was told me 5 mins ago took me just 1 min to forget everything. I suddenly feels if pregnancy is a memory eraser but of course it's not true! john is out of town for about 5 days now, he had called me thrice so far, quite sweet of him and i do miss him. On the other hand, i am also enjoying the time i have on my's so good!

all i can say this pregnancy is Great so far and i am enjoying it gradually, the attension from people around me...I am starting to "grow out" of most of my current fashion so i have been shopping fanatically more often these days just to find a few nice things to adorn this swelling body. But it has been good... Really thank God for all...He's great!

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