Sunday, March 21, 2004

power wedding

my brother got married yesterday. guessed he was never happier than before.

I was helping him as a driver, shuttle parents & friends from place to place. Tiring yet not cos' it was really a joy to see him getting married to someone he truly loves and vice versa. My sis-in-law and him met during his course of study in NYP and they had been dating for 5 yrs, something like the 1sy relationship and thta's it! final!

When i was enjoying myself as an ursher & receptionist during the dinner wedding and seeing him dancing and singing over the stage yesterday and proclaiming his marriage vows(in mandarin) aloud & fluently. I felt ashamed myself that I was not half as bold as him in his "declaration of love" during my own wedding... somehow, as there were flashes of old-time childhood pictures of both me & brother. My heart felt tender.

Overall, all of us had a good time including my uncle whom we are close to... With all these changes, we are encouraged to bring in more love and joy within our small family.

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