Tuesday, January 28, 2003

* hang CHENG pai *

this evening i was having my dinner at LAO PAT SAT cos mummy didnt cook due to the usual CNY thingie. I had fishball noodle, the funny thing is this uncle gave me EXTRA of everything at $3! I had extra soup, extra noodle & even fishballs...and in between he kept lamenting:" HANG CHENG PAI, you eat more ok? "yummy enough is the food but still I couldnt finish my food. for a short pause I wish john was around...

i have came across taxi drivers, hawkers, clients and even close friends telling me joking about this "matter of factly" syndrome. in many ways, we try to save and cut down costs etc...just to make ends meet? to save up for rainy days?

so does it really help that we save an extra cent by not spending? or is it that we're making the economy from bad to worst? i mean i have client who can say it is more profitable to set up business in china than in singapore for ABC...XYZ...reasons? and half the time they are complaining about singapore. so, here in singapore we are trying very hard as a nation hoping and trying, trying and wanting to get our of this crunch but on the other hand, our dear singaporeans arent helping to put $$$ back to the country..wat a miserable group of selfish bums!

after hearing and seeing much, i have begin to see for myself that many locals/ foreigners hardly settle down permanently here. alot of them are merely treat this land as a "spring-board" for a better future, singapore started w/ educating its people well, feed them wisely but at the end of the day. we wait for them to raise their last good-bye. business takes off from here but very seldom it comes back...is that how the greater half of the locals generally thinks of this nation? as a intermission, but once there is a better place, they move on...? where is the sense of belonging? wher is that loyalty? has our society slowly de-generating itself into a nation of selfish-hearts, a bunch of day-light robbers, walking knowledge robots but have no sense of responsibility or ill-attitude.

grossly speaking, i have been experience more bad sides of a typical local or rather the world at large. more have i understand that alot of such character-building elements don't even comes from school anymore, neither for family as for some...where have all the values stream to? i am wondering if " HANG CHENG PAI" is just another excuse or is it a tell-tale sign to another serious social crunch ahead? so let's wait and see....

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