Tuesday, February 04, 2003


I have been coughing and sneezing since the 2nd day of CNY, so had missed a few gatherings and makan sessions also

alot of old time memories surfaced during this period of time, about 1 year ago, i just came back from my DTS outreach, had my graduation around this time, then my TAI PAK also known my uncle was very sick and was admitted to hospital, he passed away a week later.

so what is in for me this year?

i've 15 days of off cos my company is officially closed till that late, so i'm hoping to use this time wisely to visit some relatives and run some errands... tomorrow i;ll be meeting jenn to discuss about his wedding deco...suggested something to him, hope he like it lah...

so how abt my house? i've been BZ so now w/ the break i hope to be productive and useful,at least to start plotting the house layout & concept, costing etc...pray for provision from the Lord also.

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