Sunday, September 08, 2002

what had i been doing for the past 16 hrs ???

8.30am: my first glimpse of daylight.*yawn* but delibrately went back to bed...( sleeping on my parent's QUEEN size bed since dad not home)

9.30am: 2nd look at the retro sony clock, still too early...went for toilet break, head straight back to bed.

10.30pm: finally woke up, greeted my mum who was busy cleaning the toilet...she *frown* i took my cup of coffee from the messy dining table, headed back to my room, turn on, surf...

10.30-12.30pm surfing, chking emails..., feeling sorry about something that have been happening lately...*sigh* + *abish*

1pm Lunch ready menu: ( green vege, stirred fried Zuchinni, Kiam Chai Sotong *yummy, my fav*, steamed egg w/ century egg & dried scallop, white rice )

1-2pm went to my room and start packing, mum standing at one corner grumbling why daughters have more barang than son. I told her it's normal!!! then, sorted out some clothes and bags to be given away for my missionery friend to bring to Burma or Kathmandu...

2-3pm after washing my hands, i settled down to do QT. Spending time with our Father is the best, i'll always know He understand me best, not less... we conversed abit more through prayers and things get more serious, the next thing happened was i dozed off...zzzzzzzzzzzz oooops!!!!

3.30pm SMS came in ( Helen not meeting for dinner)

3.30-4.30pm Continue to read another book, then went online awhile more

4.30-5pm rest abit more, start talking nonsense to my mum who's cleaning ikan bilis in the kitchen. shortly, i saw her dozing off... i was thinking, how come it runs in the family??? hmm..........................

5-6pm shower.. suddenly realised i didnt brushed my TEETH in the morning...Sheeesh.............eeee................

6pm makan dinner...*blurp*

6.30-7pm left home, had my FIRST experience of "tapping" the EZlink card which i also call "2Blink card" cos' i saw an AH PEK alighting the bus looking fumed cos' his card didnt
respond at all!!! oh by the way, 2B = TUPID !!!!

7-9pm was at GRACE for evening service, worship was ok until the worship sang" ancient of days" high and squirky...i nearly wanted headphones at that, there's this lady sitting near us keep saying HALLELUJAH every other min...i've nothing against that but a bit too much for the whole 2 hours or church service! PS Lim had a wonderful sermon for tonight. I'd received so much............

9-10.30pm went HV w/ helen my gd fren. the rain came pouring w/ thunder + lighting the VERY SECOND our feet landed within the shelter...( God is good ) eat prawn noodles and poh biah...chatted and had some deep sharing ..... rain stopped.

10.30pm rain 2nd phase return kept bombing the place. we were stranded!!! cant do anything...feel like calling mrs glenn lim to bring us 2 BROLLIES...but she's out too!!!

11pm rain stopped, we walked to our respective bus-stop under a very light drizzle... had my mum's pashmina on to cover me but was hoping to have someone to hold my hands too...but WHO ?!?!?! aiyahzzz...................

11.45pm reached home, changed...sit in front of this 15" monitor with my fan messing my hair front behind!!!

11.45-12.45 typing everything out...for the 60mins.

12.45 onwards

dee is calling it a day..... good nite pple since it just had a good & thorough rain. May it it be a good cooling agent to your soul, anyway it's church tomorrow for most of you
may the Lord speak to you as m

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