Saturday, September 07, 2002

PApa & MAma

As usual, My dad is at KL this weekend for another TRIATHLON competition.

I must say God gave my family a very special man. My dad or Papa, i always call. He is a very simple man by nature but leads a fasinating life which is by far more adventurous than a lot of other "daddies around" At his age of 54, he's still actively involved in all scales of marathons, triathlon and other types of cycling competitions, locally and regionally. Barely 3 weekends ago, when our Singapore skies were deeply covered by the haze and smoke, Papa came back 4th in the veteran category during the 'Sabah international Triathlon' winning RM500 and some coffee beans... When we asked his how's the pollution problem in E.M'sia. I can only remember him telling us:" haze, what haze?!?!! the cash I won is enough to cover my airfare already, i'll go again next year! hehe"

So, this is my Papa. And many of my family and friends do think that me and Papa are quite alike in some of our ideals. Both of us like to travel, though we'd not travel doing backpacking togather yet. We like outdoor life like mountain climbing and cross-country cycling... Maybe we should really try to do something like this togather, my dad just told me that he's planning to take 3 months next to ' cycle-backpack ' from Xinjiang, inner china to Islamabad, Pakistan ( covering the ancient SILK ROAD, Karakoram Highway) throughout the journey, they'll either travel via cycle or train which I read from travel books and magazines is a popular trend for the adventurous travellers these days. He'll be doing this with another Triathlon friend and already asked if I'll game to join them. My reply was, "let me train myself up first..."

So while my dad was away from home last night, I went out with my mum or ah Ma to shop at Great World City. Half the time, she stopped me from buying food from the supermarket and her catch phrase was:" hey, it's cheaper at the NTUC near Tg Pagar...I found a new place which sell even cheaper than that, same brand some more." So, we ended up buy 1 stick of zuchinni(which she's cooking for sat lunch now...i can sense the fragrance!!!) then, 1 piece of camberet cheese and some crackers for my wine on sat's night...and a loaf of walnut nut bread which is going at 50% less after 9pm...That's what happens when it comes to shopping with my ah Ma...yooo!!!

ok, if i'm going out tonight, i'll be using my EZlink card for the very

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