Thursday, September 12, 2002

sit or squat???

recently i found out that there's something call WOMAN URINAL. or 'lady.p' it's product name by SPHINX. i didn't believe it at first, not until i saw it myself. More sophiscatedly, such fittings are already being installed in 2 international airport in Holland and Belgium respectively...( can some ask tessa to go try it while she's on flight transit at schiphol airport, Amsterdam?)
***tessa: remember not to sit, just squat will do...***

That will make tessa our very proud and first user of 'lady.P' from sonic edge!!! amazing isn't it....??? pls tell us if you like it?

i've a strange dream this morning of kimberly, my mum and i in a big kitchen of someone's house,(neither mum and kimberly knows each other) there were huge supermarket size fridges in the *tennis court* size kitchen space and i was allowed to eat anything i like. when i was about to start cooking (in the dream) i was woken!!!
*ooops* it's 9.30am!!!!! and i'm terribly late for work...arrggh!!!

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