Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Fly Away

it's good to laugh at ourselves sometimes and i did today. I didn't realised that i wore my shirt the wrong side until 4pm when i saw the blouse tag right below my nose!!!
how incredible i am,right??? there were so many instances before that i was either wearing slippers to work and only discovered half way or some other silly jokes which i'll not go there...

later this evening, the whole bunch of sonic edge fellows were at T1 sending aaron off. He's quite well composed comparing to the rest of girls whom we sent before who usually enter the departure gate 'red eyed'... however aaron, aiiiiii.........i think he's the HAPPIEST of all.!!! hey, aaron, have a blessed trip and dunn spread the ' slice ' virus to UK.

john is going to FLY again sometime in 2 weeks' time, heading to japan then HK. i'm happy for him because he finally gets to do something he's always wanted to, buy things, sell things, meet supplier, network etc...( 2 weeks on my own, yay!!! ) I do like travel and into those serious backpacking kind. like low cost but optimal experience type of trip (mountain climbing, X-cultural exposure, photography trip, etc..) such kinds draw me most, i don't mind minimal comfort because i'd travel quite enough to accept the various living standards. what i dislike most is those complaining singaporeans who always make comparison of the inferior standards overseas and here without a sheer of respect for other nations. i feel these people shouldnt travel at all!!! they should just stay here all their lives!!! yaks!!!

hmm i do miss the street children in kuta, bali. i'm just wondering when will i go back to there or perhaps kathmandu for a change...i'll soon put that in my wish list.

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