Wednesday, September 04, 2002


today is one of those days that i was subtlely sucked into a world of "old-boyfriends" or "EX-men"

i was earlier packing my stuffs and without me realising, i still kept most of the items that those EX-men of my past gave. some were small cross, necklace, long hand written letter, cards, friendship band, book and journal...each one somehow was dejuvu enuff to bring me back to those times that we used to spend uniquely, quietly, slowly...
strange enough, it's always sweeter to think of the past, even though there might be some pain and hurts incurred along the way...and eventually we stop the relationship all together.

sometimes i do ask myself, isn't it better to look forward and ahead instead of the diminishing past?

frankly, it's not about whether it's better or not but we all have to move on in LIFE, we progress, we learnt from lessons made when we were younger and immatured. we think less rationally, we were less considerate, less sensitive, talk more, listen i'd more or less learnt those lessons, i felt the only thing i am left lacking is courage which can also be translated as faith.
i need to put my faith into actions, just like putting my thoughts and ideas unto a piece of paper, making dreams into reality.

i wished i'd learnt that lesson earlier than any others...but yet i'm not sulking.
i know i've grew stronger not in what i think i know but in knowing my weakness and working on it through my faith in my giver of life.
thank you...for being there...

once again, thanks to all my EX-men in my life, somehow they did taught me some precious lessons as well and of course the current intruder of my life who's always so backstage yet the most courageous of all...

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