Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I've been so busy lately and I don't have the energy or drive to archive the activities of my life. Unlike before(before baby,and 2nd preg) I have alot more time and now I am chasing every moment and wanting to spend it wisely and in prudence if you know what I mean. Blogging becomes a CCA now.

I am not sure if I will even have time to blog again when the 2nd baby arrives. Or will I have the mood to do so... maybe your encouragements will help. hehe... I'm into my 7th month. and so far ok except the pain on my right leg ligament is bringing me more discomfort each day. I am learning to overcome it. 3 more months to go and I can't wait to see our #2!!!


Eileen said...



(: eileen goh

Anonymous said...

blog blog blog... ask john help set u up to mobile blog...!
Ethan is here already! congrats!