Monday, November 07, 2005

Cameron Highlands

Jodee and I did an escapade the whole of last week at the beautiful Cameron Highlands. I can't discribe how beautiful it is but it really really really beautiful. It was the first time "we" venture out without the presence of daddy johnC, we did missed him and vice-versa yet I did had a good time dwelling in the presence of God.

well, Jodee on the other hand was not that all comfortable as she was not responding well tot he environment and change of climate plus teething pains. I guessed she was more courageous than me as she endured well except with buckets of tears as she had terrible strangers' anxiety almost throughout the whole trip. Much to my surprise, I managed to train her to sleep on her own without me. That was nice!

Most of all, I was well recharged through out the trip as I had met up with God in the deep way. Being touched by Him was the best thing of all...Now I am ready to look ahead of me, in His strength.

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