Sunday, October 30, 2005

Progressive Parenting???

It had been a long eventful day after a series of meeting, baby party and a family dinner with a few good friends. I had never felt so fulfilled as a mother like today after witnessing friends who are also parents themselves.

We had conversations that stretched from work, finances, family, babies, childcare and to many others. What struck me most is I am one of the few who decides to leave my part-time work to freelance. It may sound progressive but it's actually more God led than anything. It only recently that I notice that stay-home-mums are getting from less to rare, I don't know why and sometimes I do have apprehension of my own that discourage me from doing so. Many of friends always commented that 'there are much to lose'.

Now that I have made my decision, I realise what is there to lose if it's our children's future that we are sacrificing. It's too controversial, it's highly debatable. There are times that I feel so "alone" when I had to make those decisions, it's something not even our husband can understand. Yes, they bring back the bacon but it's more often mummy who will take care of the details. And I am by God's creation one of those who will research and pray through those tough moments. And even then, I still had my set of struggles to balance my self-worth and actions.

Having say that I am glad that more of my mother friends are acknowledging the need to be active parenting not co-parenting or absence parenting. The window to mould the very character of a child is limit ( just the first 6 years ) I don't think I can effort to lose the chance to this opening, it is probably my once and only chance to lay hold of that foundation in the child and to me this window is too much to be take away. Hence, I would greatly encourage any given mother/daddy to capture this window if you have any children below the age of 6. The character of your precious child will lie in the hands of the decision you make today.

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