Friday, March 04, 2005

It's been weeks since I last update this blog. I must say times passes really fast and I am getting tired too...Not sure if I've been doing too much these days or it's all due to my lack of exercises. I've been telling myself to swim since 4 months back and now I've not even dipped in the water once. Arggh.

I am wondering how and when I can get back to mt pre-pregnancy weight?!??! still 5 more KG to go... I though breastfeeding will quicken this procedure but not that I can see yet... the bathscale still hovers around 50something!

Perhaps I should not lament so much and start getting my life back in shape! no more excuses or whatsoever, I have to get back in shape and I am giving myself another 3 months. Let's see...

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