Friday, February 04, 2005

nearly CNY

I guess hardly anyone visits this blog anymore. That is the punishment for not blogging often and I surely have my reasons for so.

It's been exactly a month since I gone back to work, relatively fast and I am quite pleased. Although the effect of which I find it had to bear, reason being it's also an uphill task trying to be a good mommy, housework and work in the office per se....

Guess I am only doing well in both ( jodee and work ) and naturally neglecting my housework due and now I am looking forward to the weekend to complete the rest of the home matters before the great CNY arrives.

I must say life is different now, time passes fast, real fast and I have to learn to multi-multi task (double) that is to say i have to be super effective not only at home but at work too so I can steal from both to do things of my own, things that are important and relevant to this stage of my life.

Coming back to CNY, I still have heaps of clothes waiting for me to launder and some minor packing and cleaning up. Gotta thank my sweet MIL and her indo domestic helper for all the MAJOR cleaning she did 1 week back. This had indeed lighten my work by mountains. Well... Hope to write more later.

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