Tuesday, December 21, 2004


In no more than 2 weeks, I will be back at my drawing desk... Yeah, it's been a fruitful 3 months of maternity leave for me and it all seems like just yesterday that Jodee was born, me going through the labour etc... So fast eh!

Before we know she could be starting to walk and calling us "ma..ma" and "da...da" so sweet eh? I am also entering a "new season" from next year onwards, can't say much but gonna be new things to handle and experience. Now, I can't complain to God ' my life is so boriing' it's NOT, He promised!

Well, to many extend...I reckon such changes are good. At least they are the forces that drive me out of the comfort zone and start working hard. I mean spiritually to catch up with my relationship with God and also my marriage. I had kinda neglect my time with these " 2 persons " since jodee arrived. Felt very bad yet helpless sometimes as I was real tired handling so much at a go.

Ok, time to catch my rest since jodee is asleep and I hope you are sleeping well too...Cheers!

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