Sunday, November 28, 2004


I cannot describe fully how am I feeling right now but I know I am well loved by my husband and family. I know I am well blessed with A HUBBY who loves me no matter how forget i get these days, PARENTS & PARENTS IN-LAW, UNCLE & SIBLINGS who give me relentless support in taking care of baby and food.. CELL, CHURCH & CLOSE FRIENDS who gave me their encouragements and prayers...And lastly, a wonderful healthy baby!

Arrr...I must thank God for all these! Having a child has changed my life entirely indeed. I can't say I am a good mother but I am trying to cope and adjust, learn and working towards being a God fearing wife, mother , daughter and child of God. it's been a life-changing month the moment I conceived Jodee early this year and very soon it'll be coming to end 2004. It's been a good good year for me, eventful and life-nurturing. It's my desire to see myself closer to God in 2005.

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