Thursday, July 10, 2003

i hardly blog these days, more like i am reading others blog than chalking my own.

being a first time owner of a new home is not easy. let me say again... NOT EASY AT ALL.. my house reno has been backlogged for 1 half months and I am still chasing them to finish up the final touches, now i trully understand why my clients were stressed when things were delayed for nothing.

here, i am busy trying to be organised and also hardworking. Hoping that john can start to clean the house while he is busy with baybeats... i want to share the burden with him while he is already working so hard in his line of work. I also hope to get my wedding dress done up soon, due to the delay in the house I have no time to go buy fabric! it is true! arrrghh...........

i hope someone can pat my shoulder and understand my position.

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