Sunday, June 29, 2003


last night, or rather earlier this morning i caught " FINDING NEMO" with john and dorothy after a long day of doing things, photo shoot & long dinner. I have to say it is totally relaxing... it's so rare these days to have the time and energy to even sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. And I am finding myself slacking so much and working too hard.

Sometimes, I feel so distant and strange that why do I have so much to do... Am I asking for own trouble ( like andrea de cruz's case) but for me it's over committing myself in activities one after the other. I really is feel weary and I feel I have been working too much that I don;t exercise as much as before. I am not so much concern about weight and keeping in shape but something else... Am I getting unhealthy? Yes, I think so...

Arghhhh, tomorrow is ugly Monday.

John is resting but I have to work till late because of some deadlines on Tuesday. I wish weekend is long than it is...

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