Saturday, May 03, 2003

for the first time

this is my first attempt to say a vow, this big, this important and this very first time
i confessed that i was rather nervous but strangely didnt show it cos i cant be crying in front of people right
thou i can and would if i wann

well, finally i can start hearing chains of people congratulating me as " mrs chiong"...which i am trying to get adjusted to
i am obviously very praoud of that, but physically i was too slow to release an expression out of it. i am trying i guess the solemnisation went on simple and fine... a quiet affair with less than 10 persons present including us, witness and pastor.

thanks to gLENN & suELyNN who had made time out for this occassion and they are the " true witnesses " to this developing relationship!
thanks many!!!

well, i think apart from the fore-coming wedding in nov, i enjoyed today best...i was pretty relaxed and loved the company of my few closer buddies...

haha...quite lost now to express how i feel now. a little different i guess and alot of hard work later for me and john to work on our relationship.
we wish to have your blessings...

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