Friday, March 28, 2003

i have an ear infection

some are sick with sars, i have an ear infection since 4 days ago...

i was at the clinic this afternoon, everyone stares at everyone with this pre-cautious look..." what if he/ she HAS sars" instead of dwelling of such a depressive environment i decided to take a walk out at the shops since my call will take 1 hr at least, bought myself a teh at the kopitiam...the kopi tiam owner kept lamenting that the business is bad and i emphatise with him but i can only help that much.

well, finally the doctor saw me and gave me some anti-biotics(which i hate) and also gave me a day off without me asking for it.
he says:" you better rest and your boss will be more than happy that you stay home.." i gavce him that " WOW look! "

and out of a sudden i went back to office to pack my files which i intend to work from home, i also took this monday off to rest and run some errands for my own house

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