Saturday, January 18, 2003

changes are exciting

i have noticed that as we grow older, our group of friends also diminishes. I mean not the every other days kind of people that we mean but the more 'serious' type of friends. Recently since the pst 1 over year, i had made enough discovery that there are so many changes around me. Friends getting attached, then getting married, then having babies, then divorce, then posted overseas, then study overseas, then change industry then etc...

Changes are everywhere and anything. Even an new addition of a pet is consider as a change.

well, sometimes i wonder if changes can bring along something more than change. i have heard good reports of changes, and some not so pleasant ones too...i remember of a friend who told me that she had to quit her job because of certain stresses in her current job that is affecting her health pretty much. that is quite sad i think that we had became slaves of our work, there is always a trade off somewhere i guess. i know of this another person who had quit her job because she wants to fulfill her life long dream of studies... leaving behind a comfortable income and decide not to succumb to a rigid cycle of work and no life.

and then as for myself, i had a fanciful year of 2002, alot of crazy things did come to past. some exciting (like my engagement to john, then we bought a hse) but some are quite notorious( shh......hehe!) this year is like another one, will be busy working, getting the house done up, planning for a memorable wedding bash...hoping to break a few beer bottles (ooops!!!) but most of all have alot of GOOD fun out of it.

i will trust the maker for a good start in this life long committment...i know the guy i'm marrying is a good fellow and it's more cool to know that we are heading this not just me & john but with HIM many thanks to the maker for making this happen...

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