Thursday, December 05, 2002

busy month

from now till CNY, i'll be busy, very bisy, suPer duPer busy... in the office and preparing for the house, then the ROM etc... i wish i have a clon to help me out, unfortuanately that will not be the case. I have been feeling much ' in love ' lately...even though i can strangely say i dunn meet john that often due to his work and my schedule... we're like always trying to sQueeze time out of all things just to meet each other, even for the brief-est moment, it could be so satisfying...heyyyy... i am anticipating more growth in this relationship, easpecially with each other and with the BIG one up there... we both know it well that all things can't happen like it is overnight and it gotta be His grace...

in another week or so, we're preparing the ' PAP ' meeting. i mean " Parents AND Parents " i mean this is new, it's is hUge, this is also Scary...i seriously have no idea what to expect or look forward...i suddenly feel like a 'product on the pedestal', how much would they think i worth?!?!?! 10K, 5K??? what would my folks say abpuit me? what will they think of john?? will $$$ be the centre of the meeting or welfare scores? i don;t know if this dowry thing means anything more than just monetary gain to my parents' pocket...or do they really want the best out of this choice i made to marry john... part of me thinks of traditions & culture, the other edged for profits and face issues... which is reality and something i bet i cant avoid but to face it with bravery! right?

so many thoughs come and go, so many things to handle... i really wish the day is longer, weekend is extended, sale prolonged etc... but they will only remain as a wish for
will anyone care to pray for me? i need wisdom, strength & favour too...


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