Sunday, November 24, 2002


if we are faithless, he will remain faithful ( Timothy 2:13 )

I totally believe this. do you remember sometime now 12 months ago, I was preparing for my DTS outreach? yeah, I was busy preparing my newsletter, having some funds-raising program, saving up for my 5 weeks long outreach in Bali and E. Timor... and of course trusting the Lord for every penny that rolls along my way. No way was I spending like carefree, but God is still faithful in all His ways... I had gathered enough and in fact more than what I required 2 days before my departure fom Singapore. His timing in providence is always so precise, so neat and always encourages me to trust Him further and more...

Again, this year I feel like the lesson is back. Now, I am not only trusting Him to provide $1,700 like I did last year. It is definately more than that, I am first of all trusting my entire life to God, and through God, I am trusting my life in marriage to John. That's not all...I am trusting Him to provide for the entire wedding procedure, then the house, then the whatever loans then...the rest of the others that comes along through His leading...

To me, it seems like a BIG leap of 'phase of my life' and indeed it is. It is like what the Word says "He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much -Luke 16:10" Suddenly, I feel as if I've been promoted within a year and this change is likely to be a big one. Being mentally and emotionally prepared is not good enough, I feel... It has to be deeper and stronger than this, it requires the power and the anointing of God to move... It requires me to realise that God is indeed the the ONE and only provider and giver whom can satisfy my inner and material needs. He knows us better than any other one...just like He knows where is our inner closet or weaknesses, strengths and abilities... His faithfulness remains constant at all times, at all dimension...the bottom line is, I know He will supply all our needs.

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