Thursday, November 21, 2002

another day

my mind are all over the place for the past few days. The deadlines and work load at office is getting more but that's still manageable, then the next will be my housing and marriage plan...

lately, i've been feeling very up tight because of this. Dunno why ... I guess because i've always beent he " 1st one " doing any sort of things among my siblings, this decision of getting married also falls into the category. I kept asking why am i fearful? is it because my parents would want me to stay single a while more, finished my studies, get more money then settle for comfort..? but that's NOT what i think so... i believe in the power of " 2 become 1" i know God will make my life or rather our lives better and and more fulfulling when we decide to head to unit in Christ. But, what is then that is hindering me to face my parents? to just tell it the expectation that I think i can't follow up? or what? I cant tell you how much have I been praying about this for the past few weeks...alot, really alot.
" God, what's you call? "
hopefully, i'll get some insights soon from Him. Tonight i'll be heading for drama rehearsal, wanna just enjoy myself...

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