Monday, November 11, 2002


for the next few weeks till end 2002, john will be more busy than ever. Apart being bogged down with "baybeats" in early dec, he has other assignments on sonic fest too. I am praying hard for him and the ministry itself. I think there are many others who are equally busy during this year-end period, some are work based, some are holiday based and the others busy with doing nothing at all. Of late, I heard quite alot of haunting stories of people getting wounded, some are in evitable due to unforeseen circumstances, but some are just merely mal-functional attitude and perhaps delibration...

it's all about the sinful nature of man. everyone does it, everyone says it, every been there done it.

it is my personal prayer request that i would draw myself closer to Him. Didn't realised how long had i shelved him in the closet. i am sorry.i had replaced my time with other people, activities and even concentration. i'm such a naughty gal ye...hurr hurr

some dreams i had when i was a kid:

want hold a brush to paint
let the stain on the canvas
becomes a legend

receive a revelation from someone BIG
tell the rest of the the story that belongs to the being

write a story base on my childhood
playing with fire, sparkle and fine linen fibre

cook, don't you want some...

tell people my dreams and visions
and let them imagine...

have a lovely prince, tells me little stories every nite
sing a tune of lullaby...

follow my heart, sometimes mind
preferably both... so that i can fight!

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