Monday, November 11, 2002

cool day

last week passed really fast. partly i think because of the long weekend before that and plus my many projects in the office. time flies like a rocket! similiarly, this weekend seems to go by like a breeze, too short for me to enjoy anything out of it. yesterday, i practically spent the whole day doing nothing but chilling out at home, it was hot too. Half the time, i was soaked in my own perspiration and stench. In the evening, i was at suntec doing some research on my further studies. Lately, I have this urge to re-embark into studies which had always been on my mind but was not very successful due to many reasons along the path of my life...

now i guess i might want to dabble with this thought again, but i'm not very sure yet. Frankly, there are so many factors I need to consider before I truly decide on one. especially, finances, personal responsibilities, relationships, etc... that is why i am still apprehensive. Making decisions with marriage in mind can be quite trying too...I am not very sure how john really feels about the whole process of my desire to pursue my Master. My personal conviction is I want to learn more, i want to teach but how close I get there is how the Lord lay this path ahead. I know if it is out of my own strength i can still more or less get there but it will not be fruitful...therefore, i must seriously start to pray this real hard. I am not perfect and I do make mistakes, so as much as I can avoid mishaps, praying for wisdom, guidance & open doors...

the rest of the today, i spent it in sleep...the weather was too good for this matter.

I need to revel in the presence of Him now...nite.

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