Wednesday, November 06, 2002


had a wonderful retreat from last friday till monday and i'm still having abit of hang over now as it seems...

seriously, batam is not the fantastic place that we allure me to go back for the third time(this is my second)... the resort we been was pretty good in their service per se but the food was not very impressive with the kind of money we spent... FINALLY, i did re-kindled the wild me after a loooong time, i think being so tensed in work had made me short-changed on the fun side.Never before had i laughed, ate, slept, dreamt, played "mind" games, talked 'rubbish', & spent quality time with God SO MUCH than i usually would do. it is a miracle i thought.

but of course, i do enjoy knowing my new church frens from the drama team also...they've been very hospitable to a newby like me...gracious also i would say... and i thank God for them...marvellous! thanks these people for taking me out for this retreat, although not batam the next time.please.

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