Thursday, October 31, 2002


life has been super duper hectic for the past few days, work especially... I had been spending countless hours doing multiple tasks at the same time...juggling 1 thing with the other, 1 deadline after the other...hoping to see some fruits soon

public holidays had never hold me down to stay in singapore except for once or twice. this time, included...i will be away for the long weekend, heading to batam with a few cracked-nuts from coos...we just had a meeting cum dinner earlier to tie down some things here and there...frankly, i am too tired to pack my barang for tomorrow anyway, frequent travelling had made me wiser in carrying less and enjoy more but of course, more laundry work that accompany alongside

i'm leaving john behind this time, just like he does to me whenever he goes to japan and HK without me... by the way, we had not been meeting very regularly of late. partly due to our heavy schedules and any other matters that can draw us not so close. well, I am adapting this well i guess, cos i still do have other things to keep me busy and active... afterall, i'm not much like the type who needs to see him 24/7... space is more important to me, i think...

so, what am i going to do now...starting to feel sleepy and hungry..

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