Thursday, October 03, 2002

what happened?!?!?! III

mysteries continues... from part 1

johnc flew to HK for holiday (like what's he is doing now...) then we met each other on IRC & ICQ, chatted abit...i bugged him of why he didn't responded to the email i last sent cut the story short, i told him that i missed him alot during those times that we didnt communicate at all... and i said : " i guess i do like you.."

i still remember john's initial reaction:" oh my god! " and followed by a loooonng silence....
guess he was dumb-founded by my reply and got 'stoned'...

john initiated to meet up right after he touched down from his flight back from HK. it was almost 1.30am on 23th Oct 2001...he was wearing a khaki-green' king lychee' tee-shirt.
he picked me up from my old place, we drove up to some quiet spot at Mt Faber and talked...etc...( cant tell you guys too much details here) then, we started courtship's also the same place that john proposed to me on my birthday this year, so this place means alot to me...

hehe... *smiling ear to ear*

before he dropped me home, i gave him a small-squeezy-pressie and it's still in his car till now...thou quite dirty by now.
anyhow...the following as an excerpt from the card he recently wrote me:

"I really appreciate you. Thank God for all that I am, all that you are, all that we are going to do..."johnc
and i thank God for him too, wholeheartedly i mean...

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