Tuesday, October 01, 2002

what happened?!?!?! II

Seriously, i had a long day of work today.
my back is aching, finding my fingers getting numb and tummy bigger as i didnt make time to exercise...what a tiring day!?!?!?!

i've found myself gaining a deeper interest in reading topics on sociology. i don't mean that i am reading 'reading' but i do enjoy what i'm learning, especially issues that the 'post-modern' generation are going through in one way or the other. somehow, i feel that there is this wide disparity of behaviours in the younger generation these days. i was thinking about the vast difference between myself and my sister though our age gap is only 6 yrs. yet, it's like a vaccum from heaven to earth.

i saves, she spent...
i stinch, she spree...
i like challenges in work, she looks at the $$$ thruogh work
i idealise, she idolises
and etc................

so different right? i mean she is not bad 'bad' but i seriously feel that there's a major problem going on around us, our this generation, our nation, our world...something is not right
people refuse to listen to good and wise advises. they simply shut themselves up and rather lives in their own world...why???!?!?

i look at it as an 'internalised-pain' they shut up and shut out because they reckon that will not help but it would REALLY!!!...the mould of pain and bitterness will only grow in legions if not attended, sadly speaking again, if you're one of those hurting now and hear this now, for your goodness sake...get some help.


as for me... i know i'll surely doing something for these pple...wait and see...

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