Tuesday, October 22, 2002


the past few days had been pretty taken up with work, staying at home and doing nothingness.

lately, i've been looking forward to this new hobby of 'doing nothingness' a super paradigm shift from my previous self where i need to do things to feel good or accomplished. i was wondering if this is a tell tale sign of me getting old therefore i feel more akin to relationships and appreciation of the finer things in life. last monday i attended a fren's wedding and met some really old friends back in the days of sunday school. not realising that these ppl are just like me...enjoying 'nothingness' enjoying 'unstress' pace of life...enjoy being with God, people and all that we can absorb in soul,mind and spirit.

just like the past 3 days, i wasn't doing much things related to work but more to people, making food for my family, read a good book and hang out with people i hadn't met for awhile. it was indeed refreshing! moreso, i think i am in this pipeline of searching for something in my life. i kinda felt that something is missing lately, i still have not found what i am looking for and i will continue to wait and look out for 'THAT THING' in life... if you ever heard or see anything, do let me know. love to share that with someone,someday...


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