Wednesday, October 23, 2002

occupied II

last night, i met up the drama people from COOS for dinner at city hall. we had soup, it was funny how concious i was when it comes to the tasting of every spoonful of that soup that i had. it was minnestone, one of my favvourite but it wasn't as fantastic as the way i expect it to be... sub-consciously, i was already comparing it with my fren's shop who also sells such soup and i was the mastermind behind the...ehmm...shall not disclose too much.

well, i really hope i was not being bias afterall...but i think i was in some ways like scrutinising every customers' face and expression, the layout of the shop, the lighting and even wondering who the boss might be??!?!? it can afterall be me who is weird... half the time, my mind was much too saturated with my work and deadlines that i was not very attentive to the meeting. sorry guys...

sometimes i am wondering; am i all being busy for nothing? have i overlooked or rather underlooked some of the finer details in life? have i allow my own busy schedule to swallow away the purpose of living what if life all about anyway? having and knowing that i had quite a number of exciting experiences in life should make me a better person perpetually, but is it happening yet? i wish i can just slow down a little smell the roses and enjoy being just a wonderer of life?

i am glad that i have make the conscious effort to go to batam next weekend for a short retreat with the drama people. despite of all the rumours and war threats, i call it what the heck i choose to adopt esther's best saying "if i perish, i perish " however, i choose to believe that i will come back alive, kicking and more rejuvenated than before...and i am taking this time to lay some wonderful scripts for my monologue if inspirations arrives. but not too much rain, pls...oh Lord. till then, i'll continue to search what a wonderer who wonders...looking for her unfound treasure...

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