Sunday, September 22, 2002


for a long time i've not been working on saturday(which i seldom do these days) with except i did today cos' i'm meeting some urgent deadlines for monday.

i was at serangoon before i went back to office, so along the way i went to buy thosai & teh for lunch. made a mistake by ordering extra thosai but ended up blessing it to the security uncle who is working in the same building who's also indian. the good thing is he's more than glad to receive it when i told him it's from serangoon road...*as if from heaven*
it brighten his day and so was mine...

however, staying 4-5 hours alone in the office is no joke, i was struggling in the beginning...was'nt really working, working...half the time surfing the net or doing other things unrelevant to work.
eventually settled in and the time spent was quite fruitful, managed to get 2 proposal up and going and hope that my client will like it on monday.

today is also esther's bridal shower, met the few ladies at bugis...i cant say we all enjoyed very much, i was tired half the time, so was helen...but esther looks happy and as long as the bride is happy, we've no other complains ya? come to think of it, out of the 7 of us there, 1 is married. 1 getting married next month, 1sometime soon in 2004, 1 still hoping, then 2 others should be on the shopping mood also...hmm.... me? dunno? i think my relationship with john is very comfortable the way we're now... though we do talk about marriage but in actual fact, we dont do anything apart from the happy conversation and perhaps conversations are better, less stressful, no attachments...if they're not favourable, then just drop the topic, no harm right???

well, enough of all these couple talk...tessa leaving tomorrow night...dunno how's her packing been go'in???

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