Wednesday, September 25, 2002


i had a spooky dream last nite that kept me awake for more than 1 hour...i blame it partly on my over-imagination and also my fears about death...

something about where i work, my workplace is along Lavender street...some interesting things that happen here, we've 'singapore casket' right aross the street which i dread to by pass due to my fear, my steps are exceptionally fast whenever i need to bypass the building or those vans...strange thoughts will just come and overwhelm me

the building i work is filled with different trade houses, who are also mainly indians. I've nothing against them but i just don't like the way they stare at chinese gals...then, we have a cleaner uncle whose always very quiet and half the time sitting along the stairs sleeping his lunch hour away...then the indian guard i said before, he's friendly but again he always looks drunk and i think he is...on the other hand, we have lotsa of walk-in sales persons who will sell anything under the sun, perfum, toys, membeship cards, dodgy VCDs and even fortune-reading

recently, we have a new tenant 2 doors away from us...a buddist fellowship...which they offer counselling and yoga-ga classes...seems life here is going to be more active than before...

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