Tuesday, September 17, 2002

new day

i slept really early last night after a long day of feet aches...and they are still aching with blisters ballooning on a few little toes...
that was the price i had paid wearing new shoes all the time!!!

i remembered saying that life has been too cluttered with activities lately. partly, true as i'm in the midist of church transffering and this will probably take me a few months to settle the administrative work on both side of the church. Besides that, just started to poke my head into the drama team in COOS and found out that myself will be involved in this short skit in the coming end of the month. I take it as a start of my friendships with the people here apart from the younger ones i meet on regular sundays...

work wise, God has been good to me. Got a few jobs in the company and some 'friend-friend' consultation outside, which i think that is good to re-position my design juice once more which i can be deprived on a regular 9-6 job...but gradually, i'm too learning to be humble and learn fromt he ways of others, interacting more with fellow designers in the scene and just be myself and work towards excellence for the glory of God.

relationship wise, hmm... i think john and myself are growing to enjoy each other with our limited time given per day,per week... we used to struggle alot more than now. we fought alot about personal rights, pride and even opinions...which we still do sometimes by mere selfishness. but i guess, the Lord's challenge to us these days is" dying to our flesh" more than..."look at me, babe.." somewhat i discovered, the most challenged time of the relationship comes when we failed to put our vision back to jesus... it's a time when i'll see 'my needs' more releveant than his...when i get extra-oversensitive over his words and actions. all these we had somewhat already been through and need to be reminded on the regular basis not to repeat the same mistake again.

well, one thing for sure...i'm growing to respect his preference in music,the way he communicates,spirituality, lifestyle,size...it's so john to have such quality to call him my boyfriend or fiance,right? do you think so?

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