Saturday, November 19, 2005


I cannot imagine that Christmas is less than a month away and yet our home still remained undecorated. We had plans of re-do the layout of the house and add something interesting to it. As of now it's a little dull. I reckon we need more colours and less junk.

Now that we have a baby at home, we need to be more considerate to her. Gone were the days when we can put breakables anywhere, especially when we have little space for her. I am planning a schedule to re-locate our current furnitures and do up flooring at the new book room. we are creating one to encourage Jodee to read, read and read... I remember I was very deprived from books when I was a kid as my folks didn't think it was a need. Now that I look back, I hope my love for reading can be passed down well to the little one.

Raising a kid is a very serious deal, at least to me. I had quite a fun childhood, beat up a few bullies and broke my teeth while playing "zero-point". Not sure if kids do that anymore. Today, as I look at Jodee, I can clearly see a slight touch of that strong-will in her gutsy tantrums. I know it can be her strength and weakness, but only training and tell if she will know how to handle her gifts in the appropriate way. Therefore, now that I am a mommy, I am even more aware of the actions that I take as they will ripple effects to the people closest to me. Parenting is now just a deal, it's a lifestyle, a part of me.

Just like how God is parenting me, I am learning to parent my own kid. Just like how the Lord loves me, I am showing love to my child. Just as how God discipline me, I am applying that on my little one. It all a metaphor to show how much I mean to Him. How much is that do you know? I can't describe but it's certainly a BIG DEAL...

Ah, the more I reflect upon my own role as a mother. The more I realise how much I need the Lord to teach and lead me in this entire walk, I do have my struggles and complains, It is not all smooth all the time. Yet, I am assured that the Lord is always waiting for me at the end of the tunnel. It's because of that hope, it has grant me strength and perserverance to go on mile after mile. I am waiting for tomorrow to come and will know the Lord has prepare it for me.

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