Wednesday, June 29, 2005


My mobile was stolen under my breathe this afternoon at my office. A middle age, well-dressed man(prepared and experienced) simply walked into my office pretended to be someone looking for design service. I saw him but knowing there were 2 other colleagues in the office, I left them with him and walked away to the loo...

Without suspending anything until an hour later when I remembered that there was a call I need to return, I realised my mobile was missing. I searched through my bag and tables I used and lastly called myself...I couldn't hear the ring tone ringing but it was hung mid-way. Then, I turned around and asked if "that man" had came close to my table and they said they made a phone call use my DID!

That's it!!!

I knew my mobile was gone for good....

The first few moments was bad, I felt betrayed. Very guilty cos' the phone belongs to someone was lent to me. Very victimised and angry with the guy and colleagues who let them in. And lost of all the data in the phone. Upset, Upset, Upset!!!

I called up a few persons and they gave text book answers like; "go, report to police" I wasn't keen cos I really don;t think the phone will ever return and such procedures will take up too much of my resting time in the night... I did nothing but I did everything as I was praying and meditate as I was working, asking the Lord what should I do. I know I have to forgive the thief, now that the phone was gone, I should just's just a phone not like I had lost an arm or eye!!! I knew it was painful but I have to let go and I am willing.

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