Tuesday, May 03, 2005

New Phase

Recently, I had missed one wedding and attended another. Both are personal friends who knew for years but some what lost touch for awhile. Somehow attending the wedding of the latter was a deep sigh of relief. They had been on a marathon relationship for close or more than 10years. I know of only 2 other couples who had long dating historyies ended in marriage and the rest you'll know what I mean.

Talking about marriage, in the recent weeks I had met up with s few couples who shared with me their reasons for getting married. some are good reasons some rather flaky, but somehow I feel "reasons" are not good enough to support a couple for getting married cos' reasons can change like circumstances do. So when different seasons befalls then what will really hold a marriage together?

Being married for close about 1 1/2 years now, I am slowly savouring the beauty and true meaning of marriage. It's no longer my ways but our ways, it's no longer my needs but it's his/her needs. It's a process of giving but yet as we give, the level of receiving is even greater! It's an amplified version of how Christ was given to over to the cross, knowing that as a result of this act the result of salvation took place. Therefore, just like in a marriage, it can be challenging for us to give up something( be it an opinion or an idea ) and unless we surrender, we'll not be able to reap the benefits at it's fullest.

Just like the bible mentions: " Obedience is better than sacrifice " if there is no obedience, no matters can ever be a sacrifice.

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