Wednesday, November 17, 2004


We celebrated our first WEDDING anniversary on monday. It was a short but enjoyable affair. We got our brother and sis-in-law to babysit Jodee Angel for 3 hours in the evening and we went away for a nice dinner.

Looking back the past year, it had been a real fruitful and blessed year. As you can see we are already parents ( she is one real joyful babe ) and we are still continuing to discover more wonders to this marriage! Our family has also been a blessing to us and this family, we reciever tremendous support and love from them right from the beginning and they are stilling doing so for now for us and the baby.
This has been a GREAT YEAR and the Lord truly deserves all the thanks and praise!

Well, it's our prayers that we will continue to deepen our walk with Him as a family in the many good years to come...

All Thanks to Jesus!

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