Monday, August 23, 2004


My gynea told me that baby chiongster might be out by 38th week or so...On one hand, I am flabbergasted on the other I was very anxious that I had 2 weeks less to settle what I need to settle. It's like deadline cut short.

Just this evening, john & me were combing through carefour trying to buy some baby neccessaties and when we were all ready, we were dazed by the number of brands and products laid on the shelves... we were lost in the supermarket! Eventually, we ended up buying nothing but packets of durians for my personal pleasure...

As the D-day is drawing closer, I am feeling more unprepared... Confidence seems to be slipping by... I hope these are just temporal emotions and soon I can brace myself up to receive the great gift from God. I know He will be by my side.

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