Wednesday, April 28, 2004

hello from HK

this is my 6th day in the famous HongKong. The last time I was here was 1994. Almost 10 years ago. I was telling myself there must had been alot of changes and truely it is. More people are speaking Mandarin what is known is PUTONGHUA over here and my few buddy cousins I have here. They had been great so far, keeping us company and lotsa shopping and eating!

I was at Shenzhen yesterday and Macau the day before. The SZ vibe is quite modern yet subtly under the blanket I sensed insecurity. Apart from the affluence it is having now ( compared from before) i could see the social poverty in some of the hearts of these people. Buying pirated LV and GUCCI is still very prominent in the mall we went too. Although, the locals who sold them here said business is bad and the condition is more tight than before, still people will still sell if the demand for it is high. As for Macau, it's rather laid back and ok you will like it if you enjoy the CASINO...Met some relatives as well and we had a sumptuous dinner too!

Somehow, I know I am blessed to be able to come on this trip despite my "preggy" condition. I am doing real fine, the food is good and weather cooling... i call it a pre-motherhood treat. I do walked quite a fair bit though didn't get to shop much due to my existing condition but I think the coolest thing is be able to spend some great moments with my relatives and just being in the moment. this is my precious for now.

Dunn worry about me about the Sars condition cos I skipped my Guangzhou trip, I reckon I can be there another time cosI dunn wanna worry johnC and my in-laws since the Sars case is back in action...

Will return with some pics soon...

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