Saturday, November 29, 2003

i am back

just got back hours ago and the feeling of home is nothing i can explain.

i must say our honeymoon is great too... we spent 4 days each in London, Madrid and Barcelona. While visiting friends and helping some to smuggle some barang in we had some great time hanging out and do things together. Now, almost 2 weeks after our wedding I am trying to settle back into reality call marriage.

Dating and Marriage are like 2 different departments in a big enterprise call LIFE. that is the best description i can find so far...

Not every one get into working for each unless they are ready for the challenges within, and I am new into this for now, hoping to catch some tips and directions from some senior in this line if I can find and will learn real hard...

honeymoon had been good, not the typical romantic sort but we spent alot of effort trying not to be distrcted to work and be focused on the relationship building. I think we gained some good points from there. we tried taking more pics and I think i managed to get some... though i was more fasinated by the people and culture.

well, everything has to start somewhere and i hope this will be a good start from now.

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