Friday, June 06, 2003


i have been quite busy since 2 weeks past week is like:

:- morning: go to inspect the house, then head to work and get stuck for the rest of the afternoon....
afternoon: i ate wrong food & vormitted many many times
night: meet my hubby to spend some time TGT and carry a fever...
:-morning: MC
afternoon: MC
night: MC
:-morning: inspect house
afternoon: work and meetings
night: drama screaming.... arrggh!!! ahhhh.................!!!
:-morning: sometimes inspect work / work
afternoon: work and prepare for presentation
night: drama meeting / pract
:- morning: inspect house, meet my worker to tell them to do this and that...
afternoon: buy myself a cha siew bao....and coffee
night: stay at home to!
:- morning: going to inspect house then rush for wedding rehearsal
afternoon: attending a wedding and be the MCEE
evening: do nothing but i like...
:-morning: church
afternoon: heading to melaka, yay!!!
night: i dunno but i will enjoy my week!!! yay yay!

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