Thursday, February 13, 2003


everyone is talking about war, US against IRAQ, the WATER issue. so, why does war takes place. because it's political? economical? humanitarian? strife? agression? power? and the loads goes on...

somehow, i wish i have more knowledge on the world history which i don't. similiar, war among man, war among friends are not doing us any good either. While there is a big picture war hovering out there, there are mini-wars that are perpetually happening around us. I am pretty disturbed by the sheer fact why friends can't get along with each other anymore? why back-stabbing taking place? why must we poisonous accusations hurling all over the air? but at the end of it all. why cant we be mature and level-headed enough to just sit down and resolve a problem or rectify a mistake maybe?

why can't we just lay down our pride and for once eat a humble stop being hurted and stop hurting each others???
it is only a matter of choice i think.

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