Thursday, December 19, 2002


i know i have been missing in action for more than 10days. thinking anyone can guess why...
yeah it's all about work.

i can't describe my life so far in full, except i am filled with busy-ness(if there is such a word) I have been work early till late and all over again, day after day...I wish all these will pass me by real quickly.

but i do have thanksgiving to make. i've a new baby... just done this small soup cafe at IP. i hope it will turn out alright...
i'll be acting in this short sermon opener for christmas service in COOS, my very first acting debut in this new environment i'm in now.

weekend is my only break and i dunn wann to let it go pass just like that, God grant me good solid rest. plus i'll be one of the roadie with surreal this KL managed to convinced my boss that i work so hard that i need off-in-lieu to replace my lost sleep...haha!!
so i'll not be work from 1-6 jan...but nightmare will continue after that...haha!!!

during my trip up to KL, will also take this chance to visit one of my carpenter's worker who met with a bad accident...he's not able to walk now, paralysed from waist down. I really want to pray for him and with him...trusting that the Lord will touch Him and cause his body to recover! amen.

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